Modern slots are something else

Ever since the first online casino launched, there has been a notion of trying to look as “real” as possible. The assumption was that online gamers wanted a casino that reminded them of the land-based version as much as possible. Looking at table games like blackjack and roulette, it is clear that the online casino variants build heavily on what you will find at your local casino. The colors, rules, sounds and backdrop are the same as those found in a land-based gaming parlor.

But slots are something entirely different. This game has evolved incredibly during the past 10 years. When you are looking at Casumo free spins for a game that started out as a land-based slot, you are in for a ride that is out of this world. In fact, when slots from land-based casinos are remade for the online format, they usually become better.

The game for bored housewives

If you play regularly on slots online, you might be surprised to learn that this game was originally an invention for bored housewives. You might not even know what a housewife is, let alone a game meant for this person. The idea was that the wives that came along to the casino would be too bored to watch their hubbies play poker. They would instead be busy pulling the lever of a slot machine.

First a cake, then some slots gaming

In time it became quite evident that it wasn’t only the wives that loved the games with wheels, symbols and nice payouts. Even before the Internet was launched, slot games were a must in every casino since almost every visitor would have a go to try their luck.

Availability like never before

If you weren’t a bored housewife married to a poker enthusiast, or lived in a city without a casino, chances were you would never discover the slot machine. But since the advent of online casinos, the game is open to all. People from all over the world gather in casinos online to spin the slots. And the game producers have come up with marvelous ideas for entertainment. We are talking about effects and gimmicks that would never be possible in the regular land-based casino slots.

Effects and bonus features

Today you can expect a real show from a simple slot. Already before the game starts, you will get a little intro which will remind you of the previews for movies. In this intro, you get to know the game and its theme. You get a deeper understanding of the concept and you will enjoy music, effects and a storyline.

Once you start spinning the reels, it is time for several effects. Regular wilds have been replaced with all sorts of formats. The sticky wilds stay in place for several spins, expanding wilds take over entire reels and wandering wilds move across the reels to help you win more. Bonus symbols take you to new screens where you get to open caskets, race with horses or fly to space with pigs. This is like nothing else and you might find yourself spending hours on one slot since it is so crazily entertaining.


Jackpots beyond the millions

But let’s not fool ourselves, games online are not just about effects and entertainment. They are very much about the money. Land-based casinos have also attracted people with the chances of winning big sums of money. In the online casinos, you will find slots that are progressive. Progressive games are not a new phenomenon but consider what happens when a slot with a growing jackpot is available to millions of players at all hours.

If the slot machine is popular, it will soon have a gigantic winning to present to the player that gets the jackpot combination on the wheels. Slots like Mega Moolah have paid out millions of dollars in one shot. You can never count on this to happen but the dream is certainly something that makes slot gaming more exciting than ever before.

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