Mobile games represent one of our favorite pastime activities nowadays and have even made some people addicted to them. This form of entertainment has evolved immensely since the first mobile games widely available to the public appeared two decades ago – most people in their late 20s remember how they used to play Snake when they were kids on their monochrome Nokia phones. If years ago you bought a phone and had two or three games installed on it, today you can choose between thousands and thousands of titles for your smartphone, use multiplayer mode, and replace them with new titles within minutes.

This website is dedicated to anyone playing mobile games or taking an interest in their development. Our articles focus on the most popular and successful mobile games and on the history of mobile gaming rather than presenting technical aspects. Here are the main topics you can read about here:

  • Recent gaming app statistics
  • Most popular mobile game genres
  • Augmented reality mobile games
  • Most successful mobile game developers
  • Highest-grossing mobile games of the last few years
  • Effects of playing mobile games, both positive and negative
  • Classical video games which have been adapted for mobile
  • A short history of mobile games
  • The best mobile games for iPhone
  • Best mobile games with multiplayer mode

An overview of the most intriguing information on our website includes:

  • The annual revenue produced by the mobile gaming industry
  • What the biggest players on the market are
  • How many active mobile gamers are there
  • What are some player habits
  • What the most successful mobile gaming genre is
  • What are augmented reality games
  • What are some applications of the augmented reality technology
  • What are the pros and cons for playing augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go
  • What are some of the biggest and most successful mobile game development companies
  • How mobile games improve brain function and why some of these games can encourage you to exercise more
  • What are some of the issues related with mobile gaming, such as sleep problems, decreased productivity, and increased spending
  • What is one of the most influential shooters in the world of video games that you can also play on your smartphone
  • What was the very first mobile game
  • What gaming device from Nokia was not adopted by the public
  • How the launch of the iPhone changed the world of mobile gaming
  • Which service appeared first, Apple App Store or Google Play
  • What match-three puzzle game is very popular across all devices
  • What popular puzzle game is based on Scrabble without being officially associated with it

The aim of this website is to provide some interesting information about mobile games, present you some of the most popular, and also to encourage you to play in a responsible manner. Mobile games are a form of entertainment that can easily cause addiction, but like with any other potential “vice”, it’s only up to you how you make use of it. We hope you will only be affected by the benefits of mobile games, and live a balanced life.